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With our institutional investment partners, TruAmerica has acquired a portfolio of multifamily communities throughout the U.S.

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Women Take on Real Estate

Working in male-dominated industries, women in in architecture, engineering and construction careers may not have many other women to interact with and learn from. This issue isn't lost on other women in commercial real estate. Tammi Warner, managing director of transactions and underwriting at TruAmerica Multifamily in Los Angeles for one keeps it top of mind.


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Apartment Sales Surge Slows

Property owners will have to focus on the basics, such as driving top-line revenue, controlling expenses and making consistent investor distributions, said Matt Ferrari, co-chief investment officer and head of acquisitions at TruAmerica Multifamily. "Equity is going to revert back to the best-in-class operators that have a consistent track record with the best sources of capital."


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Multifamily Prices Adjust to Macroeconomics Throughout Texas Markets

"Come Fall, we should see an uptick as investors try to meet their allocations for capital deployment. So it’s a bit of a recalibration, which sometimes is just a chance to reeducate the investor base when debt pricing and asset pricing have moved," said Ammaneul Metta, senior director of acquisitions in the Dallas office of TruAmerica Multifamily.