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With our institutional investment partners, TruAmerica has acquired a portfolio of multifamily communities throughout the U.S.

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Affordability, Local Labor Priorities for TruAmerica Multifamily

TruAmerica’s expansion from California to Florida in just six years is a testament to the company’s great success paying attention to some of the most critical housing themes today—local labor and affordability—and across the diversity of the markets that the company has entered, it is finding ways to stay true to those two core objectives.




Why one multifamily firm is switching from building to buying

An oversupply of new Class A buildings in major cities can make existing multifamily buildings, which are more likely to be Class B product, more attractive from an overall return and cashflow perspective, according to Los Angeles-based TruAmerica Multifamily founder and chief executive Bob Hart. Class A rents are softening because the renters tend to be renters by choice.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Cynthia and Robert Hart ’79 Giving Back to WPI

Bob Hart understands the value of giving back to his alma mater and has been generous with his time, talent and treasure. He has served WPI as a member of the Civil Environmental Engineering Advisory Board and is a current member of the Board of Trustees. Recently, Bob and his wife Cynthia made a $2 million commitment to WPI. The majority of their generous gift is unrestricted allowing WPI to direct the funds the the university's highest priorities